The partnership entails advantages for clients with

  • Intelgic support provides access to the ticket-based product support.
  • Partner service Help desks
  • Access to Intelgicexperts
  • Access to a global reseller of licenses of Intelgic

Collaborative Service delivery excellence

  • Ensures a win-win for Clients with Go to Market Partners.
  • Partners has access to product road maps and new feature details

Access to knowledge base:

  • Partners has access to Intelgic’s Knowledge base all the time
  • Regular partner enablement programs and access to all training programs in Intelgic Academy

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The Intelgic Partnership Program offers its partners fascinating advantages

  • A priority-based support to partners – ensuring earliest response and fast resolution, without any waiting time.
  • Exclusive Partner Service Desk
  • Easy access to Intelgic Expert Team
  • Priority access to all Intelgic Product and Service Knowledge and Information
  • Scope for collaborations on partner training and knowlede-development programme



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